In life, if there is one remarkable weapon to achieve success, it is diligently minding our own business without interfering in others' affairs. When we follow this path, people might label us as an egoist, call us arrogant, claim we know nothing, or even dismiss us as insignificant. However, none of these individuals will have the courage to say such things directly to our faces. If we let such cowardly remarks affect us, remember there's only one appropriate response: smile inwardly and return to our work with even greater dedication.

Over time, everyone will come to understand that they cannot influence us and that we are self-reliant. They might keep their distance initially, but soon our work will begin to speak for itself. Eventually, they will have no choice but to accept us. Gradually, people will come closer, realizing they misunderstood us, and they will begin to appreciate the good work we are doing. Those who once spoke ill of us will now genuinely wish for our success and shower us with praises. Even then, just keep trusting in your pure, unblemished smile.

When we have clarity about our purpose and actions, life becomes very simple 🙂.