The Solitary Journey to Success

Until you create your own platform, your journey is a solitary one. Remember this: no matter how hard it gets, you must create your own platform. Only then can anything else follow. I've seen many people curse their lives out of frustration, lamenting that if they weren't born with a golden spoon, life isn't worth living. Everyone has their own struggles, and we often speak out of frustration. Yet, in many ways, we are better off than the so-called golden spoon batch.

No one will cooperate or even offer a word of support. This world is like that. Who has the time to care about us? Everyone is busy with their own lives, thinking, "What's in it for me?" Given this, should we sit idly, burdening our minds and feeling sorry for ourselves? Doesn't that seem shameful?

We must lead our own lives. This life is uniquely designed for us, with its own set of challenges. It's only by calmly facing these challenges that we can truly experience life. Otherwise, only darkness remains.

Harnessing Inner Strength and Clarity 💪

People will mock, belittle, and laugh at us. But there's one answer to all of it: a look that shows our determination and resolve to rise above it all. Yes, we have strength in our hands, confidence in our breath, persistence in our work, and clarity in our thoughts. What more do we need?

Today’s circumstances and people might be humiliating, but tomorrow, these same conditions and individuals will lift us to the skies. This will certainly happen if we have the desire to prove ourselves. This isn't mere philosophy; it's my personal experience.

Living Life to the Fullest 🌟

For a while, or even years if necessary, forget the sarcastic remarks and rude people. Work hard. Let's see why the miracle can't happen. Success isn't anyone's exclusive property. Why should it elude us? Don't stop at one victory. Maintain your determination throughout your life. Your breath should carry your resolve. When we settle for a bit of comfort, our confidence diminishes, and life gets stuck in a corner.

Breathe deeply as long as you live... because once you're gone, you won't have the chance! 🌬️